14-Letter Baby Names

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Looking for 14-letter baby names? Here are the most common 14-letter baby names in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Alexanderjames Anthonymichael Antoniodejesus Benjaminjoseph Brandonmichael Brittanynicole Charlesanthony Christianjacob Christianjames Christinamarie Christinemarie Christopherlee Davidalexander Elizabethmarie Emilyelizabeth Ethanalexander Gabriellamarie Gabrielmichael Graceelizabeth Jacobalexander Jeanchristophe Jonathanjoseph Jonchristopher Lauraelizabeth Mariaalejandra Mariachristina Mariadelcarmen Mariadelourdes Mariadelrosari Mariaelizabeth Mariaguadalupe Mariechristine Mayraalejandra Meganelizabeth Michaelanthony Michaelpatrick Michaelvincent Michealanthony Nathanieljames Oluwafunmilayo Oluwamayomikun Oluwaseyifunmi Oluwatimilehin Oluwatimileyin Phillipmichael Samanthanicole Sarahelizabeth Sirchristopher Stephaniemarie Stephenmichael Vincentmichael Williammichael