Top UK Baby Names for 2006

The US Social Security Administration publishes new baby name data every May. I never really minded this turn-around time…until I discovered that the UK had already released its name data for 2006:

Top Ten Baby Names in England, 2006

  • Girls: Olivia, Grace, Jessica, Ruby, Emily, Sophie, Chloe, Lucy, Lillie, Ellie
  • Boys: Jack, Thomas, Joshua, Oliver, Harry, James, William, Samuel, Daniel, Charlie

Top Ten Baby Names in Wales, 2006

  • Girls: Megan, Jessica, Olivia, Ellie, Emily, Ruby, Chloe, Sophie, Grace, Ffion
  • Boys: Jack, Dylan, Joshua, Thomas, Rhys, Ethan, Daniel, Callum, Oliver, Morgan

Top Ten Baby Names in Scotland, 2006

  • Girls: Sophie, Emma, Erin, Katie, Lucy, Chloe, Ellie, Amy, Olivia, Emily
  • Boys: Jack, Lewis, Callum, Ryan, James, Cameron, Jamie, Daniel, Matthew, Kyle

Top Ten Baby Names in Northern Ireland, 2006

  • Girls: Katie, Grace, Emma, Sophie, Ellie, Lucy, Sarah, Hannah, Jessica, Erin
  • Boys: Jack, Matthew, Ryan, James, Daniel, Adam, Joshua, Callum, Ben, Ethan

Granted, there are far fewer babies born per year in the UK (under 750,000, vs. over 4.1 million in the US). Also, there are three separate offices busy collecting baby name data over there (vs. just one here). And, the lists being published in the UK are much shorter than what the SSA makes available. So all isn’t quite equal.

Still, though–to have your 2006 lists ready by the start of 2007? Very impressive.

Sources: National Statistics Office, General Register Office for Scotland, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

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