Daisy, Max, Lucy – Babies or Puppies?

About a week ago, Stephen J. Dubner (of Freakonomics fame) blogged about popular dog names in NYC.

Apparently, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene puts out a yearly list of the city’s preferred dog names (who knew?). The list isn’t quite representative of all NYC pooches, but it’s still interesting to see how several of the names–most notably Daisy, Max and Lucy–are similarly popular among humans.

I’ve read elsewhere that Jake, Molly and Bailey (ranked #102, #97 and #108 for humans, respectively) are also popular names for pups. I guess certain names just work well for more than one species.

My family used to have a dog named Sam (#463 for boys), and we now have a cat named Phoebe (#425 for girls).

For all pet-owners: do your pets have ‘pet’ names (e.g., Fido, Mittens), or ‘human’ ones?

4 thoughts on “Daisy, Max, Lucy – Babies or Puppies?

  1. What a fun blog! I just found you because of the Blogathon. My dog is named Maggie, and before that we had Sammi (Samantha), Sophie, Snuffy and Fonzie.

  2. I used to have a cat named Grayhair, a parrot named Natalia and a fish named Susanna-Rose (I wanted to name her a flower name because she was really colorful, and I couldn’t chose between Black-Eyed Susan and Rose. So I made Susanna-Rose. I didn’t do Susan-Rose because the two names didn’t have the melody I was going for. Susanna-Rose did).
    And also, my aunt has a cat named Maya. I think that’s funny because in Poland, where I grew up, there was a show about a bee named Maja (which is said Maya).

  3. My husband and I have two cats, both of whom have sci-fi/fantasy themed names.

    The story is rather fun: on a visit to the pet store to buy fish food, we noticed they had engravable pet I.D. tags. One of them had a Spiderman emblem on the front. Mark threw out the idea: “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a black cat and name it Venom?” We engraved the tag that day.

    About six months later, a friend of his had a cat who gave birth to kittens, one of whom was black. She is called Venom Bellatrix Mystique (Spiderman, Harry Potter, and X-Men.)

    A few months later, we encountered a Batman tag in the pet store and engraved it.

    We put it on the collar of a cat we adopted a while later, a rescue we got from a shelter when she was just six weeks old. We called her Ivy Claire Nyota (Batman, Heroes, and Star Trek.)

  4. I have a cat named Lily and although it is a fairly popular girl name I just can’t see it as a human name anymore.

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