Baby Names You Don’t Like

I was just reading “Names I Don’t Like, and Why” by Jane Copland. I don’t agree with all of her assessments, but I know where she’s coming from. There are several names out there that I will never like, no matter what.

For instance: Chasity. It’s Chastity–a name I already don’t care for–with an intentional misspelling. I can’t understand why it appeals to people.

What about you–are there any names out there that you would simply never, ever consider for your child?

Update, 6/2012 – The original post is long gone, but I swear it used to be there! Ravi of Chronicles of a “Mr. Mom” saw it: Names I Don’t Like, And Why.

4 thoughts on “Baby Names You Don’t Like

  1. Some popularity could be from the TV exposure of Sonny and Cher, their daughter was a Chastity (dating myself?). The only names that get to me are the ones were the parents have obviously not thought about other meanings to the name.

  2. Yes, that could have been a factor. Chastity Bono is the only famous person I can think of with the name.

    And I agree with you about not liking names that haven’t been thought through. “Aryan” comes to mind…

  3. I think it’s asking for trouble to give any baby a name that suggests behaviour. Verity would be tempted to lie and Prudence might take grave risks, just to prove their name wrong.

  4. I personally don’t like names that are too popular, since that flags you as being from a particular generation. I have a really hard time thinking of girls named Brittany or Ashley as anything other than kids (even though their generation is in their mid-20s by now).

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