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Kelly Perkins, a 45-year-old mountain climber who had a heart transplant in 1995, scaled an unexplored peak in a remote region of the Andes last month. In honor of her climb, the peak was named Montaña de la Reflexión (Reflection Mountain) and her route was dubbed Corazón Encantado (Charmed Heart).

Kelly was the first heart transplant patient to climb Mount Fuji (1988), Mount Kilimanjaro (2001), and the Matterhorn (2003). In 2005, she ascended Yosemite’s El Capitan.

2 thoughts on “Name in the News – Kelly

  1. It’s interesting that Kelly is not in the top 100 names anymore. For years it seemed there were so many with that name. Now it sounds like it might be safe to name a child that and not have to worry about dozens of others sharing the name in the same classroom.

  2. I agree — I know of many Kellys my age (and slightly older than me), but the name has definitely started to fall out of fashion.

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