Will ‘Simon’ Go from Nerdy to Nasty, Thanks to Cowell?

What do you see when you picture someone with the name “Simon”?

For me, and I think for many people, the name “Simon” conjures up someone fairly nerdy. I don’t know exactly where this impression came from — Simple Simon the nursery rhyme, Simon Says the children’s game, Simon the electronic memory game, Simon the bespectacled cartoon chipmunk — maybe all these things together.

But now we have Simon Cowell, the brutally honest American Idol judge who’s been in the public eye for several years now. I don’t watch the show–I rarely watch TV at all, in fact–but even I know who this man is and how much America loves to hate him.

Do you think his influence will be strong enough to put a new spin on “Simon”? Will those who grow up watching American Idol see the name “Simon” as brainy, or abrasive? (Or something else?)

One thought on “Will ‘Simon’ Go from Nerdy to Nasty, Thanks to Cowell?

  1. I think simon is just, I don’t know attractive.
    I guess I’m a little bais (my boyfriend’s name is Simon)
    I don’t think nerdy. More like intelligent.
    Simon Cowell is nasty though.

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