Name in the News – Irena

Lech Kacyzinski, the president of Poland, would like Irena Sendler to receive the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Irena is a 97-year-old Polish woman who organized the rescue of 2,500 Jewish children during World War II. She (and about 20 helpers) smuggled the children out of the Warsaw Ghetto and placed them in convents, orphanages, and with other families.

The name Irena is a variant of the name Irene, which is derived from the Greek word for peace.

2 thoughts on “Name in the News – Irena

  1. Interesting that her name means peace and she worked to create peace for those children by rescuing them.

  2. What a lovely name. I didn’t know Irena meant peace. It’s too bad some of these really pretty names have declined in popularity. If more parents chose names like these it would be a welcome change from the popular Dakota, Madison and Emily. I can only imagine their future teachers having to refer to some of them as Emily B, Emily W, or Dakota J, Dakota E, etc. Irena would really stand out.

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