How Do You Feel About Your Name, Laura?

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank my name a 7.5” says Laura, a 27-year-old who lives near Boston, MA.

Laura’s name is derived from the Latin name Laurus, which refers to the laurel tree. The year Laura was born, her name was the 20th most popular baby name in the nation. (In 2005, though, her name ranked 145th.)

What does Laura like about her name?

What I like most about my name is its obvious femininity and its simplicity. It is hard to mess up the pronunciation and spelling (besides the occasional “Lora”). Most people have heard of it and have seen it spelled at least once before. It’s an “easy” name to carry.

I also find that it makes a good name in business settings. This is hard to explain; but in my experience, let’s just say that I have found it to be a respectable name for a career woman.

What does Laura not like about her name?

Its relative popularity: I was lucky to have grown up without any Laura’s in my class, so up through high school, I never had to deal with anyone else with the same name. However, in college, my class contained a lot of Lauren’s and a few other Laura’s. So I was confused with others and called Lauren many, many times. That was annoying.

Relatedly, Laura isn’t a unique or interesting name, per se. This can be a good thing, but for someone who likes unique and interesting things and people, I consider it to be unfortunate.

Thanks, Laura!

One thought on “How Do You Feel About Your Name, Laura?

  1. my name is laur aand i agree compleatly, i fund it anoying not to have a nick name aswell apart from laur or laurs and theyre not very inventive.

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