Name in the News – Ségolène

Ségolène Royal is one of only two French presidential candidates left standing after Sunday’s initial round of voting.

On May 6th, she will go head-to-head against opposing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in the final election.

The name Ségolène doesn’t have a definitive origin, but it could be a French version of the Germanic name Sieglinde, consisting of elements meaning “victory” and “shield” (via linden, used to make shields).

The name statistics I found for France indicate that Ségolène peaked in usage during the late 1980s and early 1990s. (A win for Royal, though, would certainly affect the name’s popularity somehow.)

Update: Turns out Ségolène will not be France’s next president. Sarkozy was elected on May 6th; he had 53% of the votes, while Royal only had 47%.

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