Newbie Names Among the Most Popular of 2006

As I scanned through the 1,000 most popular baby names of 2006, I saw a number of new additions. This list doesn’t include all of them, just the ones that jumped out at me.

  • Bethzy, #878 for girls
  • Dahlia, #988 for girls – from the flower named after Anders Dahl.
  • Izayah, #976 for boys – a creative take on Isaiah.
  • Jorja, #969 for girls – a form of Georgia (perhaps popularized by CSI actress Jorja Fox).
  • Neveah, #996 for girls – Nevaeh corrected for pronunciation.
  • Paisley, #835 for girls – not just a pattern anymore.
  • Sanai, #974 for girls – inspired by the biblical Mt. Sinai.
  • Scarlet, #843 for girls – a simplified version of Scarlett.
  • Yandel, #674 for boys
  • Yaretzi, #837 for girls – likely an alteration of Yaritza.
  • Zayden, #871 for boys – ’twas just a matter of time before the unique first letter craze and the -ayden craze hooked up.

I also saw a number of interesting second-timers, including Imanol (969th for boys) and Yuridia (894th for girls).

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