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Lucky is an adjective meaning fortuitous or favorable. It comes from the noun luck, which can be traced back to the Middle Dutch word luc.

Many people think of Lucky as a name for house pets, not humans. In 1945, though, 47 baby boys in the U.S. were bestowed with the name. This made Lucky the 944th* most popular male name in the nation that year. (Perhaps we felt “lucky” about the end of WWII?)

I was inspired to blog about Lucky today because I recently (and quite randomly) won a fantastic prize from ProBlogger and Chitika. It made me feel fairly lucky, and then I wondered whether ‘Lucky’ had ever ranked as a baby name, and — lo and behold! — it had. And hence, this post. :)

What else has Lucky been the name of? Well, among other things: a village in Louisiana, a breakfast-loving leprechaun, a shopping magazine, and a Britney Spears song.

*Interesting aside: The equivalent girl name that year was Erica. While Lucky was a one-hit wonder, Erica went on to become very popular, peaking at #31 from 1986-1988.

2 thoughts on “Name of the Day – Lucky

  1. Where I’m from, the Welsh version of the name Lucas is Lwcus, which is also the Welsh word for Lucky (have a look at the Google Welsh Page: “Dwi’n Teimlo’n Lwcus!”.

    Congratulations on the Problogger prize!

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