Rallying Cry for Michael

Most parents I know hope that their kids’ names stay relatively unpopular. Not so for the writer of this op/ed piece, who shamelessly wants his name — Michael — to be #1 again.

The writer states that Michael had “an unprecedented run as king of names”:

Baby boys were given the name in huge numbers. We destroyed all opponents.

But then Jacob came along (“out of nowhere”) and stole the top spot. What should be done about this usurper?

To all you expecting parents out there, let’s make it happen in 2007. This is the year Jacob goes down.

What do you think: Could Michael bounce back, or is Jacob’s new dominance a sign that Michael has been #1 long enough?

Update, 6/12/08: I came across another Mike-centric piece the other day. In this one, the author states: “[W]e’re going to work on getting back our rightful spot at the very top of the list. Just a little heads-up for all you Jacobs out there.”

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