How Much Would You Pay for a Baby Name?

Would you pay $475 to discuss baby names with a numerologist?

How about $350 to talk to a self-proclaimed “nameologist”?

Me neither.

The Baby-Name Business, an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, seemed to suggest that paid-for baby-naming services are becoming much more popular among parents.

The reason is almost counter-intuitive: The Internet offers tons of free, easily accessible baby name information–but all this data ends up overwhelming parents instead of assisting them.

So stymied parents crack open their piggy banks and purchase customized name lists from web sites, consultations with so-called “name experts,” and so forth.

…Does this seem crazy to anyone else?

(Salon, PopMatters, and several other sites also published responses to the article.)

3 thoughts on “How Much Would You Pay for a Baby Name?

  1. I think they’re getting ripped off. Why, I just went down to my local bookstore and bought this book for $9.99, with 20,001 names – closed my eyes, flipped to a random page and pointed to one – much cheaper!

  2. You know, articles like this make me think to myself “if only I were more clever, and less unwilling to take money from people with more cash than good sense, I could be rich!”

  3. The crazy thing is how mundane the names the consultants come up with are. They really needed a consult to come up with Ava and Jackson? Ava’s a top ten name, 10 seconds on the SSA website tells you that. I would pay 50 bucks to have lunch with Laura Wattenberg, though. She’s awesome.

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