Is Humphrey an Up-and-Coming Baby Name?

“Humphrey is an example of a name that is about to be very hot.” I found the above statement in a Times Online article published several days ago. Apparently it’s the opinion of baby name book author Pamela Satran.

I don’t see Humphrey becoming “very hot” anytime soon. Here’s why:

  • The first four letters spell “hump.”
  • There’s no getting past the Humphrey Bogart association.
  • “Humph” sounds like the word harumph.
  • That cluster of consonants in the middle isn’t too attractive.

Humphrey has a cool meaning (it can be traced back to two Germanic elements, one meaning “strength,” the other meaning “peace”) but I think the above reasons will be enough to keep it from becoming trendy.

What do you think — if you were about to have a baby boy, would you consider the name Humphrey?

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Source: Humphrey – Online Etymology Dictionary

3 thoughts on “Is Humphrey an Up-and-Coming Baby Name?

  1. Satran’s belief that Humphrey will be hot may only apply to British babies. There is both a UK and a US edition of the book. The U.S. edition of the book, called The Baby Name Bible, appears to list different names than the UK one, which makes sense since the two countries have different baby naming styles.

    FWIW, I can’t see Humphrey taking off in the U.S. either. Bogart, however, has some potential. Also I knew someone who was tossing around the middle name Bacall, as in Lauren Bacall.

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