Cinderella – Born in Texas, Now Living in Washington, D.C.

Have you ever met a person named Cinderella? I never have, but I did read about one yesterday:

Air out the house and wash the sheets and pet bedding, said Cinderella Bermudez, owner of Maid to Clean, a Washington area cleaning service.

According to the Maid to Clean web site, Cinderella Bermudez was born in West Texas and she goes by the nickname Cindy.

The name Cinderella was originally a cruel nickname that referred to the fairy-tale heroine’s lowly station. It can be traced back to the German word aschenbrödel, meaning “scullion” (low-ranking domestic servant).

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3 thoughts on “Cinderella – Born in Texas, Now Living in Washington, D.C.

  1. I actually DO know someone named Cinderella. A really sweet lady- someone who I grew to love in the months that she taught my son… she actually went by Cindy and I didn’t know until she wrote us a letter (and signed it Cinderella) that she had the full fairy tale name!


  2. An incognito princess! Very cool.

    I know there are a handful of Cinderellas out there. The name has never ranked in the top 1,000 before, but it did show up on the 1990 Census (ranked 3736th).

    Something tells me many Cinderellas were probably born around 1950 — the year the Disney movie was released — though this would be a hard thing to confirm.

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