Yesaidu, Gualdisnia, Maicol – Unique South American Names Explained!

While the inspiration behind many of Venezuela’s unusual baby names (Nixon, Hochiminh, Yenifer) is pretty clear, some names (Yusneidi, Udemixon) continued to baffle me.

This is why I was so happy to stumble upon an article by native Peruvian Alessia Leathers, who says that unique baby names also pop up in her country. Here are her explanations for some of them:

Name Origin
you and this
you are crazy
yes I do
yes you are
US Navy
my lady
made in USA
The Lion King
Britney + Shakira
Walt Disney

I think it’s fascinating that Spanish-speaking parents in South America have invented baby names based on English-language phrases.

Odd names can be found in Central American countries as well, according to NYT reporter Simon Romero:

Honduras has first names like Ronald Reagan, Transfiguración and Compañía Holandesa (Dutch Company), according to the newspaper El Heraldo. In Panama, local news media this year reported name-change efforts by an Esthewoldo, a Kairovan and a Max Donald.

I have to admit, “Max Donald” cracks me up. :)

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  1. Louis A. Perez, in his book On Becoming Cuban: Identity, Nationality, and Culture, talked for a few pages about America’s influence on Cuban names in the mid-20th century. One line that caught my eye:

    In the zones around the Guantanamo Naval Station it was not uncommon to find children named Usnavy (or Usnavito/Usnavita) after the markings of “US Navy.”

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