Ever Known a Nasreddine?

The man I met at the airline ticket counter yesterday was named Nasreddine.

I’m pretty sure this is an Arabic name, but I don’t know what it means or what possible significance it might have. (Ideas, anyone?)

The only other Nasreddine I’ve been able to track down (on the world wide web, that is) is Algerian soccer player Nasreddine Kraouche. There’s also Alain Nasreddine, a Canadian ice hockey player who’s actually of Lebanese decent.

I’m not sure where the ticket counter man was from, but he had an accent that sounded like it could have been Middle Eastern. Hm…

4 thoughts on “Ever Known a Nasreddine?

  1. The most common spelling in the (Western) world is Nasreddin; but Nasreddine, Nasrudin, Nastradhin and Nasrettin are also used frequently.

    In The Netherlands it’s usually spelled Nasr-Eddine and sometimes Nasreddine, a name given to 10-20 boys per year (100.000 boys are born each year).

    It’s a fairly popular arab/muslim name amongst our large Turkish and Maroccan communities, meaning “victory of faith”.

    The most important Nasreddin is Nasreddin Hodja, a member of the Turkish clergy in the Middle Ages.

  2. Nasrudin is a classical arabic name meaning : (to aid in the way of life)

    Nasr is the root word for help, assist, aid. Diyn is the religion or way of life.

    You will find this name most commonly used in Morrocco, Sudan, Egypt, or any arabic speaking country.

    The way to spell this name is not as important as the sound. Truly it is only written in Arabic, and when you translate it you try and get as close to the accent as you can The closest spelling to the name is NASRU EL DIYN the EL is silent when spoken quickly (NASRUDIYN).

    From my experience My name has been misspelled quite a few times. So a reminder the spelling should be of no importance. The sound is what matters.

    Thanks, Nasrudiyn( Classical Arabic Speaker)

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