Dual-Gender One-Hit Wonders – Elgie, Halley, Jensen, Ozell

Before you continue reading, can you guess what the four names in the title have in common?

I’ve written about one-hit and two-hit wonder baby names before, but I’ve been neglecting to mention a special class of names that falls in between these two groups — names that have ranked exactly once per gender.

There are only four of these names:

Name Rank (Boys) Rank (Girls)
Elgie #843 in 1888 #970 in 1889
Halley #952 in 1910 #580 in 1986*
Jensen #968 in 1998 #988 in 1998**
Ozell #978 in 1937 #991 in 1910

*It probably isn’t a coincidence that 332 baby girls were named Halley the year that Halley’s Comet appeared.

**My guess is that the sudden interest in Jensen can be traced back to former Days of Our Lives actor Jensen Ackles, who won a Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer in 1998.

Finally, a note to those who have e-mailed me lately: I’m sorry I haven’t been replying! I was traveling all last week, and this weekend I’m helping with a wedding, so I haven’t had much free time. I’ll respond to everyone as soon as I can.

6 thoughts on “Dual-Gender One-Hit Wonders – Elgie, Halley, Jensen, Ozell

  1. It’s so interesting to watch these name trends. Another interesting fact is that these four names all contain double letters. E, L, E, L. Halley is still a beautiful name. I wonder why it hasn’t made a comeback.

  2. Ozell. wow. :) I can kinda see why it didn’t take off. lol

    Where was your site when hubby and I were duking it out over baby names????

  3. I bet Jensen comes back – Jensen Ackles is now on Supernatural, and, as such, the focus of much fangirl love.

  4. It’s funny Scarlett said that (2 years ago!) since I just named my son Jensen. Yeah, I got the name from Supernatural but not because I’m a fangirl of Jensen Ackles, it’s because the name is different and not very common.

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