How Do You Feel About Your Name, Ocean?

“Growing up I was always very self conscious about my name,” says Ocean, a 34-year-old from Indiana.

I hated new settings where I would be introduced or my name would be called out loud. The first day of school was always nerve wracking for me. Kids as we all know can be terribly cruel.

As I got older (and had the name for a while :) it got better and in fact now I happen to like my name. It’s a great ice breaker. Every once in a while I will ask the kids if my name embarrasses them and they tell me they think it’s cool.

How did Ocean come by her unique name?

My mother says that she had an aunt that she was close to named Arlene. Arlene lived in a nursing home. One of her nurses was named Oshie. She asked my mom to name me after her nurse. So my name is Ocean Jolene. Jolene is after Aunt Arlene and then my father’s parents Joe and Ruth Arlene.

As far as her own children go, Ocean chose “trendy but not so uncommon names”:

  • Ciara Nikelle, who goes by the nickname ‘C’ — though sometimes “people freak out and think that we named her Sea,”
  • Mariah Jonalyn, whose middle name is a “mixture of my in-laws, John and Linda,” and
  • Ethan Troy, “Ethan because I had a dream that I was to name him that, and Troy because that is his Daddy’s name.”

Ocean’s surname is Sharp, and one of the funniest things she told me was that she periodically receives mail addressed to Ocean Shark.

Thanks so much, Ocean!

17 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Your Name, Ocean?

  1. I really like how Ocean has managed to make her childrens’ names unique, and yet not bizarre. I tried to do the same with my own daughter. Being one of many “Carrie Anns” (of various spellings) growing up, I wanted her to have more of her own identity.

  2. Hee! Ocean Shark with a daughter named Sea Shark! And yes, I know that’s not right. I’m easily amused.

    Oh Nancy, I do need to come by here more often. You never fail to entertain and educate me. Thanks for that. :)

  3. My name is ocean too! Except Im Native American and Im 16 but hey, just lovely. We’re a rare breed you know.:)

  4. i like your name!! i’m Gracelyn and i’m 16 and i have quads. my moms not happy! all girls
    Allyssa Amandah
    Jenna Jezzica
    Yasmin Ashly
    Blar Tristen

  5. Guess what! My name is Ocean Grand :) People always call me the Grand Ocean haha but i am only 13 years old. I love my name, but sometimes it is annoying. Especially since Facebook doesnt acknowledge the fact that Ocean is a name, so my Facebook name is Oceann Grand instead of how it should be, Ocean Grand :) Its nice to know someone else has my name :)

  6. My daughter is planning on naming her daughter Ocean Grace Murphy—I think that the name Ocean will be, many times, an awkward, embarrassing and possibly limiting in her life choices——-I think its kind of a mean thing to do to a person—-what do you think ?
    PS I have a very unusual name, and have had it be a “trial” in my life !

  7. @marie – If you’re concerned, definitely talk to your daughter. It sounds like you could offer her a perspective on unusual names that perhaps she hasn’t considered before. (Maybe you could suggest making Grace the first name, Ocean the middle…?)

  8. Hi my name is ocean too! I never usually get made fun of people give me comlaments except evrey once and a while and im 13

  9. I am naming my son Ocean.
    Ocean Tipuna.
    After my partner passed, that was the last name we both agreed on so it’s stuck.
    Our other sons name is Hunter Paul Haua.
    Just reading and gosh -bit nasty some of the comments?
    I never knew that a name defined who you are as a person, or how far you’ll go.
    It’s unique. But so was your name once upon a time.

  10. My name is Ocean, I never get made fun of and I happen to like my name. I am a 15-year-old girl and I think that some people are stupid if they think differently. It does not “limit my life choices” or is awkward in any way. I get compliments all the time and I think the name is very fitting. It may be a noun but so are a lot of names that don’t get as much hate as this one. Looking on here is very disappointing :(

  11. I was reading an article yesterday about actor Jeff Goldblum which mentioned his family. His sons are named Charlie Ocean and River Joe. There was no mention of what the significance of the two “water” names is, but I definitely liked the idea Ocean as a middle name.

  12. Hello! My name is Ocean Marie. I am a 14yr old female. I have been made fun of a lot being called o-shit and what not, but I get waaaaay more nice comments then negative ones. I am not sure if I love my name yet but I am sure I will appreciate it in the future.

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