How Do You Feel About Your Name, Anneliese?

“I love that my name is very rare in the US,” says Anneliese, whose name is pronounced ah-nah-LEE-zah. “I’ve only met one other Anneliese (spelled and pronounced the same) in my life, although I know of a few — including some babies!”

Anneliese’s name is indeed rare here. It wasn’t ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 in 1972, the year she was born. In fact, the only time it ever ranked on the list was in 2005, at 917th place (below Alani, above Chanel).

When Anneliese moved to Wisconsin, the people she met — many of whom were of German extraction — were surprised to meet a young Anneliese. “To German ears Anneliese sounds like Ethel or Mildred…you expect an elderly lady.”

What does Anneliese like most about her name?

I love that it allows me to be like Cher and Madonna and be known by only one name. I love that when people meet me they always say, “What a beautiful name.”

She also loves the origin of her name: “I was named for my Oma’s sister, Anneliese.” (Oma is the German word for grandmother.)

What does Anneliese like least about her name?

When I was a child I disliked being the only one in my class without a personalized license plate for my bike. I also disliked the first day of school…there would always be a big pause when the teacher got to my name on the roll, and then inevitable mispronunciation. I usually don’t correct the pronunciation, often because I’m so used to it I truly don’t hear it anymore. Good friends and my husband will correct people, though, which I find endearing.

She also dislikes “official documents and forms that only allow 8 spaces for a first name,” which is quite understandable.

Thank you, Anneliese!

18 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Your Name, Anneliese?

  1. My name is Anneliese too. I had the same challenges at school as you did. My family also corrects those who pronounce my name wrong. The thing I hated the most though was filling out the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and filling in all those dots. My full name is 22 letters long and that took me a while, the class had to wait on me. When companies cut my name short that bugs me . Despite all that I Love my name. Like was mentioned above everyone coments on what a beautiful name I have. Until the internet I only met two other Anneliese’s in my life one was a neighbor of my grandmas, and the other a cosmetic company owner. I feel blessed to not have a common American name in America. I do have german background also.

  2. hi im an aneliese too even though mine is spelt very different, i have always had comments about how lovely my name is and how unusual it is, glad there is some more aneliese’s out there mine is pronounced as Anna lease, im from england hope this makes you all feel better xxxx

  3. When I have a daughter I will name her Sarah Anneliese. Sarah is from the bible she was a strong and courageous woman. Anneliese comes from Anne Frank, which her given name is Anneliese Mari Frank. I read the diary in school and she was courageous and profound for her generation.

  4. I’m an Anneliese, too. I pronounce it An-neh-lease, or at least my Panamian mother does! I was born in the US but my father was in the US Army in Germany and I guess he picked it up from there… I hate my name! I mean, I appreciate that, on the surface, it’s beautiful. But it just has slowed me down all my life. I have to spend so much time spelling, correcting, anunciating, explaining, thanking, etc. It’s just too much!!! I met a German women who told me the correct pronunciation is Ah-na-LEEZA in college. Puleeze, that would have caused even more problems! My best friend’s coworker heard my name and wanted to name her baby Anneliese. I convinced her not to. It’s just not worth it to me. I long to be a Mary or Lisa or Jennifer or Melissa… Sigh. I know, I have issues!

  5. I hate my name soooo much!!! No one knows how to spell my name. It gets really annoying!!!

  6. I hate my name soooo much!!! No one knows how to spell my name!!! It gets really annoying!!!

  7. I meant, you’re in good company by virtue of your name, not in “hating” it. I happen to think it’s a very beautiful and timeless name.

  8. I think the name Anneliese is the most beautiful name ever given to a woman. To me it conveys a style and grace unlike any other name I’ve heard. Any woman who is fortunate enough to bear this name should should pronounce it softly, slowly and with a warm smile.

  9. My name is Anneliese as well. I absolutely love it. People call me nicknames like, “Anne”, “Lisa”, “Annie,” “Ana, “Leese”, “St. Anne”, and “Nelly”. I pronounce it either Ah-Nah-Lees-Uh OR Ann-Uh-Leese. My middle name is Devin, with the nick name of “Devie”, so it works well. It was also Anne Frank’s original name, and I admire her so much and I have German descent. My last name, Austerlitz; it makes a very German name, minus Devin. It’s so diverse and foreign but beautiful. Minor set-back on how people try to say it or spell it. I recommend this name.

  10. I named my daughter Anneliese in 2000, just before Princess Anneliese Barbi was released. She now thinks Barbi-Princess Anneliese was named after her and she loved her name! Especially correcting people who misspell it. Middle name Jayne, so she gets AJ sometime, but as her father she only lets me call her Princess (Anneliese) and Liese.

  11. Hi Im Aneliese too and yes like another poster its spelt differently! I didnt really like my name growing up as i too was the only one in my class not have to have anything personalised! when i used to go to shops they would have all the Anna’s or Lisa’s but no Aneliese! i pronounce my name as An-Ner-Lease. although my husband pronounces it Ann-lease as he said thats how its spelt which i dont mind!
    i now love my name, with all the compliments i get i find it lovely to hear how so many people like it and say ‘what a beautiful name.’ the only down point is, is that i constantly have to correct people’s spelling. before i tell them i say ‘do you want me to spell it?’ i have never, ever met another Aneliese spelt the same way in my life, the closest i have got is Annalisa and thats the part of the name i love! i am now looking for a wonderful and unique name to give my daughter, i quite like Anastasia and hope that she also gets the wonderful comments i get!

  12. i love my name anneliese it makes me feel special but it also makes me feel left out in the croud but i still really really like my name i am really gald that this is my name and that this is not any of my friends names i just love my name

  13. I came across this website because I wondered why anyone would name their child Anne Elise or Anneliese, or any variation thereof. It looks and sounds way too much like Anal-Ease.

  14. I used to hate my name when I was younger; it made life that little bit harder by drawing extra attention to me and not really for good reasons – something no one needs in high school. People couldn’t spell/pronounce it but now I realize they were mostly being moronic/ignorant – it’s not even that difficult?!

    Now that I’m older and out of high school, I’ve come to like it most of the time. I do get compliments and it just suits me. I appreciate my parents wanted to name me something unique, pretty etc and maybe I’d be bored with a common name but I do sometimes wonder how simple things would be if I was an ‘Anna’ or ‘Lisa’ or whatever. Oh well, gotta learn to let these things go. I want to love my name, maybe I’ll get there.

  15. Laurie – I’ve always been confused by this association because the way I pronounce Annelise (an-na-lease) does not sound at all like anal ease (ay-nul-eez). The name really comes nowhere near that for me.

  16. My friend has a 7 year old daughter named Anneliese, but she pronounces it like anna lisa, not the ah for the a’s. Her husband is German so I’m thinking now that was why in part for that name. Their son’s name is Kai.
    I love love love how so many “older” names are now quite popular.

  17. I also love seeing “older” names coming back into fashion! It’s neat to see how they get recycled once enough time has gone by.

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