More Names from St. Croix – Bittan & Lymuel

I’m back from vacation! And I managed to collect two more interesting names from St. Croix:

The first is Bittan (bit-TAHN), which belonged to a female shopkeeper originally from Swedish Lapland. (She even showed us a traditional doll she’d brought from home — it was dressed in surprisingly soft reindeer fur.)

The second is Lymuel, which belonged to a friendly guy who we met while eating lunch one day. He’s a respiratory therapist, and also happens to be the brother of former NFL player Jimmie Jones.

(Here’s the first batch of St. Croix names.)

3 thoughts on “More Names from St. Croix – Bittan & Lymuel

  1. I found out a while ago that Bittan is actually a nickname for Birgitta.

    (Kept forgetting to mention it here, though! Better late than never. :)

  2. Hi, my daughter and husband went to see his mom who lives in st Croix, she later found out she is pregnant and the baby was conceived in st croix. I’m her mom and asked if I could do some searching on girls name with any association with the beautiful island of st. Croix. If they have a boy they will name him Croix.

    Any help you have with information would be wonderful. Thank you Laurie

  3. Hi laurie! Here are a few ideas:

    • Rachel – the name of Alexander Hamilton’s mother (they both lived on St. Croix)
    • Frederika/Freda – inspired by Frederiksted
    • Christine (or any other female Chris-name) – inspired by Christiansted
    • Isla – reminiscent of the word “island”

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