Most Popular Baby Names in Australian Capital

According to a Canberra Times article that was dated tomorrow (isn’t the International Date Line fun?), these are the most popular baby names in Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

Girls Boys
  1. Charlotte
  2. Ella
  3. Emily
  4. Sophie
  1. William
  2. Lachlan
  3. Thomas
  4. Jack

Edit: These seem to be the top ACT names of 2006. Rounding out the top ten, the next-most-popular girl names are Jessica, Isabella, Chloe, Grace, Hannah, Olivia and Zoe. Boy names #5-#10 are James, Joshua, Ryan, Riley, Samuel and Nicholas. (Thanks, Emma!)

2 thoughts on “Most Popular Baby Names in Australian Capital

  1. Hrmmm, they are exactly the same (and in the same order) as the top names in ACT in 2006. How very boring, I would have hoped for some change!

  2. @Emma – Good catch! I’m pretty sure these are the names from 2006. I don’t think the 2007 list is out yet; the ACT Registrar-General’s Office lists the 2006 rankings as the most recent.

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