How Do You Feel About Your Name, Almond?

I love my name and wouldn’t change it for anything,” says Almond, a female 40-something from the United Kingdom. “I have a lot to thank my Mum for. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9.5.”

Almond e-mailed me a few weeks ago, after I’d mentioned the name Almond as a male name in a previous post. She wanted to let me know that there was at least one female Almond out there as well.

In Almond’s case, her name comes from a literary source: Her mom was inspired to use the name after reading the book “Almond Wild Almond” (1933) by D. K. Broster.

On the maternity ward that I was I was born on there were 9 girls and only 1 boy that day. All the other girls had Jane somewhere in their name (e.g. Jane Louise, Emma Jane, or just Jane or Jayne). This reinforced the fact that my mum wanted something different for me. (This was the early 1960s.)

My Mum also tells me that she thought to herself: “Well if you can have Hazel as a name then why not Almond?”

Almond likes a number of things about her name. For instance,

People remember me easily (even after a long time) and it is always a good ice breaker when talking to strangers, they always ask how I got my name.

It conjures up romantic notions in peoples minds of Almond blossom.

If I am out anywhere and I hear a voice shouting “Almond” then I know it is directed at me. In a crowded place and you hear someone shout for a Jane, Anne or Lisa you usually see six people turn around wondering if it is directed at them.

Her name also came in handy when she was trying to decide what to call her business.

Finding a name for a business is quite hard because when you think you have found a name you then discover there is already a registered business with that name. So I ended up calling my business “Almond Productions,” which is a video production company. It turned out to be the easy solution and seems to be good for business.

Is there anything that Almond doesn’t like about her name?

When I was little I sometimes got teased by some of the other children because of my name. Then I wished I wasn’t the only one called Almond. In those days everyone had familiar names Janet, Emma, Susan, Alison, Gillian etc. So I stuck out quite a lot.

These days I have noticed that children’s names are becoming more creative and unusual so a girl called Almond now would be much more in keeping with the modern names. (When my Mum named me she was just obviously ahead of the times.) However children being the way they are if I hadn’t got teased for my name I am sure they would have found something else to tease me about.

The only other con I can think of is that very occasionally I would just like to hide in the background and see how people would react if I said my name was Alison instead. I have never tried this out because I am just to used to being called Almond.

Thanks so much, Almond!

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