Baby Names Chosen by U.S. Presidential Candidates

Having a hard time deciding which presidential candidate to back? Maybe you could look at baby-naming tastes.

Below are the names of the children of the major Republican and Democratic candidates. (I did my best to list only full first names, and I didn’t count stepchildren.)

Do any of the names happen to be favorites of yours? Who knows — maybe if you and a particular candidate like the same names, you’ll also share similar views on the issues.

Daughters Sons
Ashley (Biden)
Bridget (McCain)
Caroline (Giuliani)
Catherine (Edwards)
Chelsea (Clinton)
Christina (Dodd)
Emma (Edwards)
Grace (Dodd)
Hayden (Thompson)
Jacqueline (Kucinich)
Joy (Paul)
Lori (Paul)
Lynne (Gravel)
Malia (Obama)
Meghan (McCain)
Naomi (Biden)
Natasha (Obama)
Ruth (Thompson)
Sarah (Huckabee)
Sidney (McCain)
Andrew (Giuliani)
Benjamin (Romney)
Craig (Romney)
Daniel (Thompson)
David (Huckabee)
Duncan (Hunter)
Freddie (Thompson)
Jack (Edwards)
James (McCain)
John (McCain; Huckabee)
Joseph (Biden)
Joshua (Romney)
Lucius (Edwards)
Martin (Gravel)
Matthew (Romney)
Randal (Paul)
Robert (Biden; Hunter; Paul)
Ronald (Paul)
Samuel (Thompson)
Taggart (Romney)

P.S. The only major candidate not represented above is Bill Richardson, who has no children.

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