English Names in China – Frog, Dollar, Samanfar, Smacker

Here’s an interesting video of Anna Sophie Loewenberg asking Beijingers whether or not they have an English name and, if so, what that name is.

Some of the English names she hears include Frog, Dollar, Angelina, Samanfar and Smacker.

Some quotes…

From Anna, on her Chinese name Su Fei: “As you can see, my name presented a bit of a problem. So I did come up with a Chinese one, and I chose Su Fei. Unfortunately, like many things that don’t translate across culture, my name carries with it a certain cultural association in China, namely, Su Fei maxi pads. I’m not to pleased about it, but I’m sticking with my name.”

From a Chinese man with the English name Frog: “I used to speak very loud, so my teacher called me that.”

From a Chinese woman with the English name Dollar: “It means money.”

From a Chinese woman with the English name Samanfar: “One time I saw that there was a girl named “Samantha” with “tha” at the end. But I thought that “Samanfar” sounded better.”

(Thank you to Nancy Friedman of Away With Words for telling me about the video!)

3 thoughts on “English Names in China – Frog, Dollar, Samanfar, Smacker

  1. When I taught in China, I had students with the following names: Secretary (a boy!), Eagle, Hamlet, Little Pig, Apple… it was so interesting!

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