Baby Names Along I-80 – Anita, Dexter, Odessa, Shelton

I traveled over the holidays — from Colorado to Illinois, then Massachusetts, then Indiana, then Iowa, then back to Colorado.

On that last leg of the trip (on I-80, from Des Moines until the junction with I-76) I noticed some town names (much like Neola) that could make good baby names…

In Iowa: In Nebraska:
Anita (exit 70)
Casey (exit 83)
Dexter (exits 97 & 100)
Exira* (exit 70)
Harlan (exit 40)
Panora* (exit 93)
Shelby (exit 34)
Stuart (exit 93)
Alda (exit 305)
Beatrice (exit 397)
Brady (exit 199)
Maxwell (exit 190)
Milford (exit 382)
Odessa (exit 263)
Paxton (exit 145)
Ralston (exit 448)
Roscoe (exit 133)
Shelton (exit 291)
Waverly (exit 409)

*Exira was named for Exira Eckman, the daughter of an early landowner, and Panora is a contraction of the word “panorama.”

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