Top Names in Hartlepool, England, are Jack and Millie

These were the most popular baby names in the town of Hartlepool in 2007:

Boys Girls
  1. Jack (1st nationally)
  2. Alfie (10th)
  3. Lewis (16th)
  4. Ethan (15th)
  5. Kyle (53rd)
  1. Millie (21st nationally)
  2. Emily (4th)
  3. Sophie (6th)
  4. Ellie (13th)
  5. Chloe (7th)

It seems that parents in Hartlepool have a special affinity for the names Kyle and Millie.

(The proportionally high usage of Kyle might be due to media exposure: Kyle Fisher, a 2-year-old from Hartlepool, died under suspicious circumstances in mid-2004 and his name has been popping up in the local news ever since.)

Source: Jack and Millie win the name game

2 thoughts on “Top Names in Hartlepool, England, are Jack and Millie

  1. Do you think names are becoming increasingly unique so that they’re easier to Google? But then, if that’s the case, it’s rather ironic — as the unique names are less and less rare. Hmmm…

    Where in Colorado are you? We’re in Denver. Lucky, aren’t we??

    We’re starting a wiki site about names ( It’s just getting started. We’d love any ideas/knowledge/thoughts that you have to share — please get in touch if you’re inspired…

  2. I think a name’s Google-ability is definitely important to today’s parents, but I don’t think it’s the *single* reason names are becoming more unique.

    Best of luck with the name wiki! I’m a bit too busy right now to take on another project, but if things change I’ll be sure to send you a note.

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