Unusual Baby Names in Georgia – Dextrose, Iceland, Manatee, Teflon

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently compiled several lists of unusual baby names using birth records from the Georgia Department of Human Resources (covering January 1990 through July 2007).

Here are some highlights:

  • Animal names: Badger, Coyote, Jerboa, Manatee, Peacock, Stallion
  • Car names: Civic, Dodge, Elantra, Scion, Tiburon, Toyota
  • City names: Cambridge, Kyoto, Madrid, Montreal, Sacramento, Zurich
  • Country names: Belgium, Ethiopia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Seychelles, Vatican
  • Food names: Cola, Dextrose, Dijon, Kiwi, Nacho, Teriyaki
  • Occupation names: Attorney, Butcher, Guitarist, Messenger, Spy, Writer
  • Trademark names: Dasani, Exxon, L’Oreal, McAfee, Nokia, Toshiba

The one I liked best of all was Teflon…for the non-stick baby, of course.

There were also many alcohol-related names, such as Bacardi, Chianti, Courvoisier, Michelob, Sangria, Tequila and Tanqueray.

3 thoughts on “Unusual Baby Names in Georgia – Dextrose, Iceland, Manatee, Teflon

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