Celebrate Your Name Week – March 2nd through March 8th

Did you know that this week is “Celebrate Your Name Week”?

Neither did I. :)

In any case, “Celebrate Your Name Week” (CYNW) is indeed March 2nd through March 8th this year:

  • March 2nd is “Namesake Day”
  • March 3rd is “Fun Facts Day”
  • March 4th is “Unique Names Day”
  • March 5th is “Learn What Your Name Means Day”
  • March 6th is “Nametag Day”
  • March 7th is “Middle Name Pride Day”
  • March 8th is “Genealogy Day”

The week-long holiday was created by amateur onomatologist Jerry Hill in 1997. Here’s the official Celebrating Names website, which includes ways to celebrate each day.

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