Baby Names in Cursive – Clarabelle, Jefferson, Mercedes, Rebecca

I wrote a letter to a friend not long ago, and the act of writing something longhand (which I rarely do anymore) made me wonder: which baby names can be written in cursive without lifting the pen from the page?

Turns out that many names can be written this way–so long as they don’t contain letters that need crossing/dotting (t, i, x, j) and don’t start with a tricky capital (such as W, which doesn’t connect to the letters that follow, or H, which itself requires more than one stroke).

Here are some examples of names that can be written in script with one continuous line of ink.

  • 3 letters: Ava, Moe, Ned, Rob, Ula
  • 4 letters: Cleo, Elmo, Jada, Rhys, Zane
  • 5 letters: Carla, Jesse, Nancy, Ryder, Yosef
  • 6 letters: Edward, Jazmyn, Morgan, Nelson, Ursula
  • 7 letters: Charles, Eleanor, Jeffrey, Malcolm, Rebecca
  • 8 letters: Alphonso, Emmanuel, Mercedes, Mohammad, Randolph
  • 9 letters: Cleveland, Esperanza, Jefferson, Magdalena, Rosabelle
  • 10 letters: Alessandra, Alessandro, Clarabella, Clarabelle, Jacquelynn

…For more onomastic trivia, try this list of baby names that can be typed one-handed on a QWERTY keyboard.

4 thoughts on “Baby Names in Cursive – Clarabelle, Jefferson, Mercedes, Rebecca

  1. My siblings Ian and Colleen could go on that list. Some cursive scripts don’t have I as a connected letter option, but I write mine that way. My parents Cheryl and Terry, too (once again, in some scripts for that T)

  2. I must have been taught one of those scripts — for me, capital T and capital I don’t connect at all. Same with B, D, F, G, L, O, P, S… virtually half of the upper-case letters, in fact. (Sort of defeats the purpose of being cursive, doesn’t it? :)

  3. Rebekah as well!!! think the alternating tall letters makes it much more lovely, especially in cursive

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