Welsh Family with Unusual Names – Romeo, Isis, Achilles, Caesar

There’s a family in Cardiff, Wales with children named:

  1. Romeo Casanova Valentino (age 12)
  2. Venus Valentine (11)
  3. Angel Aphrodite (10)
  4. Isis Ise (3)
  5. Achilles Spartacus Mars (2)
  6. Caesar Augustus Constantine (due in 4 weeks)

The parents are Tony and Elaine Romaeo (making son #1 “Romeo Romaeo,” of course). Elaine had this to say about the names:

We knew we wanted to give our children unusual names from the start. My husband used to be a male stripper and his stage name was Romeo so we decided to call our first son after the three greatest lovers of the world.

I think that about sums it up. :)

Source: Our children are gods, legends and great lovers, South Wales Echo

Edit (3/22): BBC News has just published a piece on the family: Mythology inspires six baby names

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