Zimbabwean Soccer Names – Danger, Laughter, Silver, Never

Here are some of the interesting names of current and former Caps United F.C. soccer players:

Never Chiku Limited Chikafa Silver Chigwenje
Method Mwanjali Blessing Makunike Danger Fourpence
Laughter Chilembe Heavens Chinyama Energy Murambadoro

7 thoughts on “Zimbabwean Soccer Names – Danger, Laughter, Silver, Never

  1. so what, names are names they dont define who you are , you get murderers rapists with common copied names from european masters. eh paula meaning what. at least some one called happiness or hardlife tell what the two parents have gone thru.get a life please

  2. hehehheeeede!! blaz itai steady! those are very good examples of UNUSUAL names. i think this was very useful and insightful to those who wanted the information.
    i know a few as well….

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