Some 17th-Century Names from Boston – Wait, Thanks, Unite, Supply

I found this on the St. Margaret’s/Boston Street page of the Dorchester Atheneum, a web site “devoted to the history of Dorchester, Massachusetts”:

Roger Clap, born in England in 1609, came to Dorchester on the Mary and John in 1630 and subsequently married Johanna Ford in 1633. This couple’s fourteen children included Experience, Waitstill, Preserved, Hopestill, Wait, Thanks, Desire, Unite and Supply. Seven of the Clap children lived to be adults.

I’ve seen Puritan-era names like Experience and Desire before, but this is the first Supply I’ve ever spotted. I wonder if one of the other five Clap children was named Demand. :)

One thought on “Some 17th-Century Names from Boston – Wait, Thanks, Unite, Supply

  1. Supply yes, demand no, as far as I know. A friend who is a Clapp descendant said the family story is Roger & his wife would open the bible and point to pick a child’s name. Don’t know how true the story is. She said they were all grateful he didn’t point to the word “the” for a name. So it could be just a colorful antedote.

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