Terrible Baby Names – Adolf, Annular, Batman, Eclipse Glasses

According to mental floss, these are 6 baby names you should avoid:

  1. Batman
  2. Eclipse Glasses
  3. Naaktgeboren
  4. Vladimir Ashkenazy
  5. Yazid
  6. Adolf

There are explanations for each in the original blog post, but I especially liked the one for Eclipse Glasses, so I’ll include it here:

In June 2001, a total solar eclipse was about to cross southern Africa. To prepare, the Zimbabwean and Zambian media began a massive astronomy education campaign focused on warning people not to stare at the Sun. Apparently, the campaign worked. The locals took a real liking to the vocabulary, and today, the birth registries are filled with names like Eclipse Glasses Banda, Totality Zhou, and Annular Mchombo.

And, in case you were wondering, annular is indeed related to anus (Latin for “ring”).

5 thoughts on “Terrible Baby Names – Adolf, Annular, Batman, Eclipse Glasses

  1. Regarding the name Adolf:
    I think it’s a lovely name, only that it was once borne by a monster. The name means “noble, majestic”– who wouldn’t wwant their child to be noble and majestic? A name’s powerful, but the individual who bears that name will show the world what it means.

    Many people still use names of murderers- Henry (like the gluttonous Henry VIII), Mohammad (e.g. Mohammad Pahlavi) , Kim
    (as in Kim Jong-Il), Josef (e.g. Stalin)…
    Not that we should forget history of course.

  2. Adolf is actually kind of a cool name I think.. Though yeah, it would cause issues. But I mean, C’mon, someone else has already had to of named their child Adolf. Maybe eventually it’d be less, oh I don’t know, “scary-sounding”? So when you all hear about a new Adolf – That’d be me. :)

    On another note on FaceBook a guy is trying to get 500,000 fans in order to name his son Batman.. But I heard it was popular in New Mexico? Is that true?!?

  3. I know Batman has been used before as a baby name, but I don’t know of any Batmans in New Mexico specifically. Where did you hear it was popular in New Mexico?

  4. I was reading an article about potentially renaming certain San Francisco landmarks named for people who are no longer considered to be the type of people one might want to honor in that way (or in some cases, in any way). Among the places mentioned it the UC Hastings School of Law, which was named after it’s founder, Serranus Hastings. And yes, Serranus is pronounced how you’d think. Leaving aside his promotion and participation in genocide, I think the name Serranus would be high on the list of names you really should avoid.

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