Old-Fashioned Female Names that Still Sound Old-Fashioned

Sophia, Isabella, Hannah, Olivia… these names were once considered old-fashioned. Now that they’re the 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th most popular baby names in the nation, though, they are quite in fashion. This is an unfortunate turn of events for those who once loved the “antique” sound of these names.

Now the big question is: Are there any good, old-fashioned names left out there? Ones that don’t look like they’ll be skyrocketing in popularity anytime soon?

I think so. Here are a few I’ve come up with:

Most of these are fashionably dense with vowels, making them more sonorous than the likes of, say, Myrtle and Mildred. Still, they’ve remained under the radar. (Think any of them will ever catch on?)

6 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Female Names that Still Sound Old-Fashioned

  1. I named my little girl

    I think it is beautiful and regal and it makes all older folks smile and tell me about their sister or aunt who was named eleanor.

  2. My grandmother (b 1927) is an Odelia. Her mother (b 1904) was also an Odelia. My grandmother goes by Penny. Hates Odelia.

    Eleanor seems hot in my neck of the woods (midwest) these days. There’s a Willa in my daughter Maeve’s preschool class.

    In my opinion, Viola will sound old forever.

    If our next little one is a girl, she’ll be named for my other grandmother, Edith. We’ll call her Edie.

  3. what about meredith? i love that name. and my name is ida. just ida, nothing before or after like ann or belle or bella.

  4. my mom’s name is viola and i like it. she is named after her grandmother who passed when her dad was just a kid. we named out daughter violet after her. we are considering stella if #2 is a girl. i love old fashion names….so much better than the super trendy names

  5. my mom’s name is Doreen, and my grandmother’s name is Betty.
    if i had a daughter, i would name her Shannon Rose. a son i would name Alexander James or Hunter.
    i do like old fashioned names, but i dont know how far back Shannon goes.

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