Jadon, Jaeden, Jaidyn, Jaydan… Which Spelling Is Best?

which spelling is best? jayden...

All ten of the names below ranked among the top 1,000 baby boy names of 2007:

Of the ten, which is your favorite spelling? Cast your vote in the sidebar, or leave a comment below with your answer.

P.S. Are there any other spellings (e.g., Jaydn, Jaedin, Jadynn) you like even better?

UPDATE, 11/2013: Here are the original results, but let’s try a brand new poll! Vote below:

Which is your favorite spelling?

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5 thoughts on “Jadon, Jaeden, Jaidyn, Jaydan… Which Spelling Is Best?

  1. Jayden, Aiden, Kaden, Hayden. They’re like the licorice jelly beans of the baby name world — either you love ’em or you hate ’em. But if I add “none of the above” to the poll, half the people voting would choose it, and that would be no fun! (I do understand where you guys are coming from, though.)

  2. This is a tough question…I think I like “Jaden” or “Jayden” for a boy, but “Jaden” or “Jadyn” for a girl. But yeah, I would choose none of the above if that was a choice, haha.

  3. Jayden is my favorite spelling or Jaden since that is the original biblical form of the name. To all you saying you hate the name no worries nobody likes your childrens names either SAWYER HARPER DAKOTA LIAM LANDON JAXSON ETC lol get a life

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