Baby Name Needed – Name for Baby Girl #4

A reader named Darlene is having trouble coming up with a name for her fourth baby girl (due in 2 months). Her first three daughters are Whitney Anne, Presley Kaye, and Gracey Dale. She and her husband have come up with possibilities like Lindsey, Kristen, Nicole, Jenna, Carley, Valerie and Meloney — but none of them have really emerged as favorites.

What do you think, readers? Whitney, Presley, Gracey, and … what?

My opinion is that the fourth daughter’s name ought to continue the pattern: 2-syllable first name ending with an “ee”-sound, then a 1-syllable middle name. Trying something new at this point might give rise to jealousy.

With that in mind, I think the following first names might work: Ainsley, Annie, Bailey, Chelsea, Elsie, Finley, Hadley, Harley, Jody, Josie, Kacey, Lainey, Lilly, Marley, Riley or Zoe.

For middle names, I came up with Beth, Bree, Claire, Faith, Hope, Jade, Jane, Kate, Paige, Reese, Rose, Sage and Tess.

As for combinations… Ainsley Jane? Riley Claire? Zoe Rose? Marley Kate?

Please leave a comment with your suggestions for Darlene.

7 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Name for Baby Girl #4

  1. My naming style is very different from Darlene’s, so it’s a challenge (a good thing) to find names that will fit here. I think that because all 3 girls have 2-syllable names ending in -ey, the 4th girl should too. And because all 3 girls have 4-letter, 1-syllable middle names ending in ‘e’ that the 4th girl should too.

    I like a lot of Nancy’s suggestions. I think I would stear clear of Annie, as Whitney’s middle name is Anne. And while I love the middle name Kate, it’s a form of Katherine, as is Kaye, which is Presley’s middle name, so that might be a bit repetitive.

    Are the 3 girls’ middle names from family names? That would be important to know, and could limit the choice of first name, for flow.

    Here are some first name options that I came up with: Abbey, Aubrey, Hailey, Journey, Kelsey, Kinsey, Miley, Sydney & Zoey.

    Here are some middle name options that I came up with: Hope, Jade, Jane, Rose & Sage.

    Combos that I think would work well together (my favorites from those choices):

    – Abbey Rose
    – Aubrey Jane
    – Hailey Rose
    – Sydney Hope

    I don’t tend to like repeated letters or sounds, so I would not use Aubrey Rose for example (kind of trip over the 2 “r” sounds so close together), or Sydney Jane (because of the 2 n’s in there). That’s just a personal preference, but something to think about.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Great observations & suggestions! Thank you, Cathy.

    Aubrey Jane and Hailey Rose are both very pretty.

    Abbey Rose immediately made me think of Abbey Road. If Darlene is a Beatles fan, that could be a good thing. :)

  3. I knew that Abbey Rose didn’t sound quite right to my ears, but I thought it was just me, and couldn’t place it. I think you’re right. With all of the Beatles fans out there, I’d avoid that one — she’s sure to get lots of comments about it.

    There was another first name on my list that ended in the -ey, but didn’t fit the 2-syllable “thing”, and that is Delaney. Delaney Rose or Delaney Hope could work.

  4. Chelsea sounds too much like Presley to my ears; Kasey and Gracey rhyme. I think I’d avoid that (families with rhyming named children are too syrupy for me). But Journey, Marley, Zoe–those are good and still stay in that “theme”.

    My two daughters are unthemed; I’m pregnant and my goal is to stay away from theming them at all!

  5. Since Whitney, Presley, and Gracey (“Say goodnight, Gracie”) are all celebrity names of a sort, I’ll add Courtney, Halley and Miley to the mix. Chelsey and Kelsey have the same strong beginning syllable as the other 3, as does Chloe and Lindsey. Nancey also fits the pattern. A bit more of a stretch would be something like Sherry or Kerry.

    My only suggestion for a middle name would be Joy/Joye.

    Good luck!

  6. @Bridgett – I didn’t know you were expecting – congrats!

    @C in DC – I think Courtney and Quincy are great suggestions. Thanks!

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