Poll Results – Favorite Spellings are Jayden, Jaden, Jadyn

Nearly two-thirds of those who voted in the “Jayden” poll liked either Jayden or Jaden more than other spelling variations of the name:

The percentages add up to 101%, I know. My poll plug-in doesn’t do decimals.

So, while there isn’t exactly a “standard” version of this name, several spellings are definitely preferred — something to keep in mind if you want to use this name, but can’t decide how you want to spell it.

Next, a poll on Hailey. (Or should it be Haleigh? Or Haylee? Hm…)

UPDATE, 11/2013: The first Jayden poll closed a long time ago, but I’ve just opened up a second one in the original post – go vote!

2 thoughts on “Poll Results – Favorite Spellings are Jayden, Jaden, Jadyn

  1. This is a modern name that seems to have come out of nowhere. “Oxford” says it’s “apparently an elaboration of Jay by way of a blend with ‘Hayden’. “Wizard” thinks this is a cross between the very popular Jacob and Aidan. Also mentioned is that “there is a minor Jadon in the Old Testament, but this is no biblical revival.” (I think, though, that some have tried to give the name Jayden (in whatever spelling) some depth by citing Jadon in the Bible.) I don’t care for this name — no matter how it’s spelled. I think of it as a fad name, that will eventually go away.

  2. I love the name! Modern or not it is a beautiful name for a boy or girl. I have found that when it comes to the meaning of Jayden it depends on what book you read or web site you look up.
    I have found it means “little ball of fire” to “unknown” to the Hayden version of meaning “heathen”. I don’t think this name will just “eventually go away”. I am a school teacher and I have met many Jayden’s of both genders.

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