Most Popular Baby Names in Australia

According to Australian company McCrindle Research, the top baby names in Australia are:

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Jack
2. Joshua
3. Lachlan
4. William
5. Thomas
6. Riley
7. James
8. Cooper
9. Ethan
10. Noah
1. Ella
2. Emily
3. Mia
4. Isabella
5. Chloe
6. Charlotte
7. Olivia
8. Sophie
9. Lily
10. Sienna

About 1 of every 4 Australian babies born within the last 12 months was given a top ten name.

In terms of middle names, most babies were given only one — but 9% got two or more, and 5% didn’t get one at all.

Finally, regarding the parents…

  • 64% “don’t care if the name they finally select is popular or not,”
  • 61% “don’t mind if their child has a unisex name,” and
  • 17% changed their original name selection based on their child’s appearance.

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