Name Sightings – Carpoforo and Godelieve

I visited NYC several days ago and was able to spend a short time (about 1 hour) at the Met. I didn’t have much time to take in the art — let alone read all of the accompanying descriptions — but I do remember spotting two interesting names:

  • Carpoforo, the name of one of the craftsmen who contributed to this early 18th century bedroom from the Palazzo Sagredo in Venice, Italy. His name is the Italian form of a Greek name meaning “to bear fruit.”
  • Godelieve, the name of the saint depicted in this this late 15th century altarpiece from the “Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk” (Church of Our Lady) in Bruges, Belgium. Her name is the French form of a Germanic name meaning “God’s love.”

One day I’ll have to go back and do the museum properly. (And when I do, I’m sure I’ll find many more names to mention here!)

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