My Top 10 Miss Universe Names – Dionysia, Gvantsa, Putri, Shunit

The ten semi-finalists of the 2008 Miss Universe contest (held several days ago in Vietnam) had a decent mix of names: Claudia, Claudia (again), Crystle, Dayana, Elisa, Laura, Marianne, Taliana, Vera and Zana.

If I had done the judging, though, the list would have looked more like:

  • Alfina – Miss Kazakstan
  • Dionysia – Miss Greece
  • Gavintra – Miss Thailand
  • Gvantsa – Miss Georgia
  • Madina – Miss Germany
  • Putri – Miss Indonesia
  • Satu – Miss Finland
  • Shunit – Miss Israel
  • Snjezana – Miss Croatia
  • Taliana – Miss Colombia

Who cares about swimsuits and evening gowns when there are such interesting names to pick from? :)

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Miss Universe Names – Dionysia, Gvantsa, Putri, Shunit

  1. Interesting that fifteen of the twenty names end in “a,” and two others end in other vowel sounds (“u” and “i”). I wonder how this compares with the Miss USA and Miss America semi-finalists–a bevy of consonant-ended Madisons and Rhiannons and Parkers, perhaps?

  2. Interesting thought! Here are some recent finalists, semi-finalists, etc.:

    Miss America (2008): Christina, Diana, Elyse, Hannah, Jessica, Kirsten, Leah, Melissa, Molly, Nicole

    Other Miss America candidates were named Caleche, Kylie and Makenna. Last year’s candidates included Bethlene, Caydi, Donilee, Heidi (twice), Jenileigh, Karissa, Pilialoha (from Hawaii) and Shilah.

    Miss USA (2008): Brittany, Candice, Crystle, Hailey, Jacqueline, Jessica, LauRen, Leah, Lindsey, Tiffany

    Other Miss USA candidates were named Kaylee, Kaetlin, Micaela and Skylene. Last year’s candidates included Chanel, Keena and LeiLani.

    Miss Teen USA (2007): Alyssa, Caitlin, Canden, Chelsea, Emily, Hilary, Jaymie, Katie, Rochelle, Vanessa

    Other Miss Teen USA candidates were named Logan, Dakota and Sommer. This year’s candidates include Taylor (twice), Brittany (twice), Avery and Micah.

    …So, no Madisons or Parkers yet, but modern names are definitely popping up.

  3. Thanks for the research! Makes me wonder whether the judges are biased in favor of relatively traditional names. (I guess Brittany qualifies as “traditional” now–or conventional, anyway.)

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