Most Popular Names in Switzerland for 2007

The most popular baby names in Switzerland last year were Luca and Sara/Sarah.

But…Switzerland has 4 national languages, so those don’t give us the full picture. Within each linguistic region, the winners were:

Tim and Lena
Nathan and Emma
Alessandro and Sara
German-speaking region
French-speaking region
Italian-speaking region

And what about the Romansh-speakers?

Switzerland’s 35,000 Romansh speakers do breed, but the small number of births means the lists vary greatly from year to year. In 2007 three Daniels, Livios and Lucas were born, enough to top the boys’ charts. Six girls were named Laura.

In terms of trends, compound names (e.g. Jean-Michel, Anne-Sophie) are being chosen less often. This is probably one of the reasons why Swiss baby names have been decreasing in average length over the past few years.

Source: Baby names get shorter — and sweeter?

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