Poll – Coolest Presidential Name?

With the election coming up, I thought I might try a “presidential” theme for this poll. Which one of the following (rather unusual) presidential forenames is your favorite?

Even better: Would you consider giving any of the above to one of your own children? Which one(s)?

UPDATE, 11/2013: Here are the original results, but let’s try a brand new poll! Vote below:

Which do you prefer?

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7 thoughts on “Poll – Coolest Presidential Name?

  1. Grover. Hands down. I’d consider using Grover as a nickname for Gregory.

    Ulysses and Dwight are pretty great, too.

    That said, Woodrow Wilson is one of my favorite past presidents… So I have a soft-spot for his name, despite the fact that it’s really not a great name at all by my usual standards.

  2. The only one that isn’t a surname-as-first-name is Ulysses, so that’s the only one I’d consider. It’s a bit heavy, though, so I’d only consider it for a middle name.

  3. I have an acquaintance whose maiden name was Dwight, so her son’s first name-middle name is Jeremy Dwight.

    Another acquaintance has a child under 1 y/o with the first name-middle name Davis Millard.

    In Philadelphia, one of the local news anchors is named Ulysses Washington, but he goes by Ukee on TV.

    I don’t know any Woodrows, but my friend’s son’s middle name is Wilson — it’s a surname in her family tree.

  4. Forgot to add, Lyndon seems like it would work best with today’s naming trends – Landon, London, Brandon, Brendan, Brayden/Braydon, Aidan/Aiden, not to mention all of the girls’ names ending in -lyn(n). I could see someone eventually using Lyndyn. It’s not my style at all, but I could easily see it happening in the future.

  5. As a person who actually has Mr. Grant in their family tree I might consider it. But I would probably be more likely to stick in middle-name-ville or use Grant instead.

    For anyone who watches/watched “Jordan” on TV, the detective charater ‘Woody’, played by Jerry O’Connell, actual full first name was Woodrow, and his TV brother was also named after a president, might have been Calvin for Mr Coolidge.

  6. Cathy – That’s a good point about Lyndon. In fact, I wasn’t going to include it in the poll because I thought it was a bit too trendy-sounding, but then I changed my mind…and now it’s in the lead. And it’ll probably stay there. Oh well. :)

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