Celebrity Baby Names – Harper and Finley

Lisa Marie Presley and her husband welcomed twin girls on October 7th.

They named the babies Harper and Finley.

Presley also has two older children, Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm, from a previous marriage.

Source: Star

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Names – Harper and Finley

  1. I personally like the name Harper as a girl name…..so much that I named MY daughter Harper…A full week before Lisa Marie

  2. LOL… Figures “Brad Clooney” would make a comment about celebrity names!!! HAHAHAHAHA
    I LOVE the name Harper and we’re considering it strongly for our daughter due Mar/09.
    Harper Lee – Famous writer of the wonderful novel To Kill A Mockingbird!!

  3. UGH! I was so going to say that this is the best sib set I’ve ever heard of… If they were twin boys! Finley is a longtime love of mine, and Harper is on my boy’s list. Too bad they were girls! (I half expected Harper to be a girl, but never Finley!)

  4. they are both unisexy names….
    But Harper fits WAYY better on a boy then a girl! (unless the girl look extreamly like a boy)
    then noo
    instead i would have named her between vivienne or Ann (since those are Harper`s middle names!)
    um I LOVE the name Vivienne but Ann would fit better
    on Lisa`s kid
    and Finley um ya looks OK on a gurl but Ok on a boy um…. 50/50??
    but her middle names are Aaron and Love
    um since Aaron is claerly a boy name I`d go with Love
    so I`d rather either Vivienne (Viviann) to make it more western style or Ann and Love
    but whatever… cool names Lisa!!!

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