More Love for the Name Michael

I’ve just come across another op/ed piece by a Michael who really likes his first name:

“Do you prefer Michael or Mike?” It is a much more complicated question than it seems. By my way of looking at it, Michael and Mike are two different guys. It is the beauty of the name. […] Which do I prefer? It’s your call. I like being both. It is the best of both worlds. No wonder it is such a popular name. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

This is the third time I’ve seen someone extol the virtues of “Michael” in print like this. I wonder what it is about the name that instills such pride in its bearers…

Source: “Michael O’Rourke: Mike or Michael? It all depends,”

One thought on “More Love for the Name Michael

  1. Michael all the way! It’s my brother’s name. My mom had to fight to keep him from being a “Mike” or “Mikey”, but ultimately, she won. Michael is a good child’s name and an even better adult name.

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