Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for a Female Flynn

A reader named Jackie is on the hunt for a middle name:

I need help finding a middle name for Flynn for a baby girl. My first daughter’s name is Ashlynd Marie and we really like the name Flynn for a girl. Please help!

I think pairing Ashlynd with a more traditional/feminine middle was a great idea, and I bet the same thing would work well for Flynn. With that in mind, here are some ideas:


I know there are other great middles for Flynn out there…which ones do you like best?

Edit, 6/04: The baby is here…and it’s a boy! Scroll down to Jackie’s comment (dated June 4th) to find out what his name is…

21 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for a Female Flynn

  1. How about Lynn? ;-) Just kidding.

    Hmm, Flynn is tough as a first name. I guess because I know so many people with the last name Flynn that when I hear it as Flynn anything, it sounds like it’s in last name, first name format. As in Flynn, Elizabeth (like military roll call or something). Flynn would make a fine middle name, for sure.

    I guess from your list I’d choose Flynn Elizabeth. Other ideas off the top of my head are Flynn Renee or Flynn Louise. Good luck!

  2. Flynn’s a bit of a tricky one to pair. I think a name following Flynn most likely needs to be three syllables with an emphasis on the first. Two syllable names could work as well depending on the syllables and emphasis in the surname. Here’s some possibilities:

    Flynn Abigail
    Flynn Abilene
    Flynn Harriet
    Flynn Harmony
    Flynn Madison
    Flynn Marrion (Robin Hood References)
    Flynn Jenniveve
    Flynn Addison
    Flynn Isobell
    Flynn Emily
    Flynn Madelaine
    Flynn Magdalynne

  3. I think Flynn Bridget, as much as I like to see more Bridget’s, is too much short-I. Flynn is so short and abrupt, I think I would pair it with something long and flowery. How about..

    Flynn Josephine
    Flynn Anastasia
    Flynn Theresa
    Flynn Marguerita


  4. @Lachlan – Thank you for the list!

    @Bridgett – I had a lot of names like that on the list, initially — Anastasia, Antonia, etc. — but I ended up omitting most of them because I wasn’t sure if that was the style Jackie was going for. It strikes me that her tastes are a bit more modern (Ashlynd, Flynn). But I could be wrong. We’ll have to wait and see what she says. :)

  5. Thanks for all of the great help everyone. This is awesome. My husband and I love Irish names that is why we went with Ashlynd and Flynn. I am with you all that it seems to be more of a middle name than first, but we just loved it and have had a very hard time deciding on anything else. I was also thinking something with more syllables and more flowery or girly, just couldn’t really decide which one to choose. We currently have Lane Michael picked out for a baby boy, and only have 5 more weeks to decide!
    Thanks to everyone for the help and will be in touch with what my husband likes! I am really on board with the following:

    Flynn Marie
    Flynn Elizabeth
    Flynn Olivia
    Flynn Elise
    Flynn Ariana

  6. Ooh, I think Flynn Teresa or Flynn Theresa sounds very good. I’m not always one for alliteration, but what about Flynn Francesca?

  7. Just as far as what sounds good with Flynn, I like Ariana. I personally think Flynn is a cool first name!

  8. Flynn is quite a hip name (Errol Flynn was a hip guy, and I like that you are borrowing for your daughter), and after pondering this for a while, I think definitely Flynn Elise…

    And, at the risk of being discovered by “Baby’s Named a Bad Bad Thing” lady (who has made me pee my pants with her antics), I also want to throw out there the nickname I’d use: Fleecy…I know, it’s terrible and I should be punished. But as someone who has a horrid name that can’t even be nicknamed at all (it can barely be pronounced), I dig the cutesy nicknames.

  9. My pick is for Flynn Elise. It sounds like one word. Which might also be a good way to incorporate Flynn … Flynnelyse/Flynnelise. What is the last name?

  10. Hello

    I found this site while trying to find the origins of my name. I’ve discovered it means red headed or reddish dark complexion! That suits me and my Irish roots just fine!
    I am a female and my first name is Flynne! I’ve never met another one so far. I live in Manitoba, Canada.

    My parents put the “e” at the end of my name to denote a feminine quality. and chose Kathleen as my middle name. I just wanted to post this, and I know you will find that middle name that suits you and your daughter best.

    I think it’s wonderful to discover another Flynn! :)



  11. My daughter (born in 1997) is Flynn Elizabeth, I love her name and she receives so many compliments:)

  12. Thanks to all for the great posts, and Flynne, what a gorgeous way to spell it. I will definately keep that in mind for our next child.

    We were blessed with a baby boy, Lane Michael!

    My last favorite was Flynn Elizabeth or Flynn Elise!

    Thanks again for everyone’s imput.

  13. I need help finding a middle name for “Flynn” for a baby boy. My first son’s name is “William Lonham” – “Lonham” is a family tradition. I know that “William” is a more traditional name, whereas “Flynn” isn’t so much, so I was hoping for a slightly more traditional middle name to go with “Flynn”. We also have a very common surname, so I’d like my boys names to be strong, and stand out somewhat. Please can you help?! Thankyou!!

  14. Our son, born August 2010, is Flynn Anthony. Because Flynn is only one syllable, the middle name needs to be three syllables or more :)

  15. I’m called Flynn! Without an ‘E’ on the end. I was born in Ireland, so I guess that’s why I was named this way! The name is great and people seem to like seeing a unique name.

    I think Flynn Ariana is nice. A good ring to it. I personally don’t have a middle name.

  16. I’m 7 years old and my name is Flynn Cecilia. My mom and I went online to find out if my name is a boy or girl’s name. My uncle said it was a boy’s name (his middle name is Flynn), but my mom said it is both. Looks like she’s right! I’m on the fence about my name, but my mom really hopes I learn to love it! Thanks for all the good comments!

  17. My dd born 2002 is named Flynn Alessya. She loves her name and we’ve only ever come across one boy called Flynn. Everyone else loves her name too and comment on how unusual it is for a girl, so it’s a great choice

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