Celebrity Baby Names – Dolly Rebecca Rose & Charlie Tamara Tulip

Actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell welcomed twin girls on December 28th.

The girls’ names are Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

Their first names are in honor of Dolly Parton and Jerry’s brother Charlie. Their second names come from mom and mom’s sister Tamara. I’m not sure if the flower names have any special meaning…but they do start with the same first letters as Rebecca and Tamara, which is cute.

Which name do you like best?

Source: People

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Names – Dolly Rebecca Rose & Charlie Tamara Tulip

  1. I think they are odd names, just like most celebrity baby names. I think you have to have a certain personality to pull off Dolly. I’m sure they will be adorable girls, so their names will be fine for them!

  2. Rose is just a middle name, I’m sure it’s the most frequently used one in the US? But Tulip is the Dutch national flower, so maybe ‘honoring’ Rebecca’s Dutch heritage? Not that Dutch people would ever name their child Tulp (tulip), but I guess we’re a bit more traditional when it comes to naming children.

    BTW: Dolly? Charlie? I guess I would have liked Dolores and Charlotte better. On the other hand: why giving your children “full” names if you’ll never use them?

  3. My husband had an Aunt Dolly (given name Dorothy). The name suited her perfectly as she was a petite woman, pretty, sweet and unique. I rarely thought about her name as being the same as dolly. But I’m not sure the name works as well with the present generation.

    I doubt that Charlotte (“Charlie”) and Dorothy (“Dolly”) would appeal to the parents of these twins. Most likely their daughters will grow up to fit their names very well.

    I know of a set of twins born a year ago who were named Charlotte and Jacqueline. I asked their grandparents if the parents planned to call the girls (newborns at the time) Charlie and Jackie. The grandparents didn’t know, and I’m still wondering if that’s what the parents intended.

  4. I think the names are kind of sweet. I prefer Dolly Rebecca Rose. It has a nice sound to it, although Dolly O’Connell sounds a bit like a fictional name to me.

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