Baby Name Needed – Girl Names Spelled with the Names of Letters

A reader named Becky recently emailed me with a rather cool request:

We’re looking for a girl name that has an actual spelling and letter combinations to represent the word. For example Evie (EV) and Katie (KT). Any suggestions would be great!

Here are the names came I up with. (Some of the letter-pronunciations aren’t exact, but they’re close.)

B Bea
K Kay
L Elle
CL Ciel
ED Edie
KC Casey, Kasey
KD Katie, Katy
LC Elsie
LE Ellie
LN Ellen
LS Ellis
ME Emmie
LRE Ellery
MLE Emily
MLN Emilyn
MRE Emery
RLE Areli
REL Arielle

I slipped a couple of traditionally male names in there as well…you never know what could spark an idea.

Can you think of any others?

15 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Girl Names Spelled with the Names of Letters

  1. D = Dee
    DD = Deedee
    LNE = Eleni
    GG = Gigi
    J = Jaye
    SE = Essie

    I have a friend whose daughter has the initials I.V., and they call her Ivy. And I once knew a Janine who signed her name “J-9” (even though that isn’t how it’s pronounced) and an Angela (not me) who signed her name “NG-La”.

    If you don’t mind a stretch, NG could be Angie, and LX could be Alex

  2. This game reminds me that the great Art Deco illustrator Erté, born Romain de Tirtoff, took his pseudonym from the French pronunciation of his initials, “R.T.”

  3. I once dreamt of the name Adie (AD) and later did find it in some baby name books, usually listed as a diminutive of other names.

  4. Interesting fact: Essanay Studios, a very early American motion picture company, got its name from the phrase “S and A” because the founders were named George K. Spoor and Gilbert M. Anderson.

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