Celebrity Baby Name – Mars Merkaba

Singer Erykah Badu and her boyfriend, rapper Jay Electronica, welcomed a baby girl on February 1.

According to one of Erykah’s recent tweets, the baby’s name is Mars Merkaba.

Erykah also has a daughter named Puma Rose Sabti (with The D.O.C.) and a son named Seven Sirius (with Andre 3000).

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Mars Merkaba

  1. Well, it sure beats the rumor that they were going to call her Twitty Milk! :)

    Mars is a pretty wild name for a girl – even by celeb standards. Puma Rose has grown on me, and I can’t say Seven seems all that unusual. But I kinda think Mars will stay in my “way out” category. Permanently.

  2. I heard that rumor about Twitty Milk as well. But then this name popped up and, since it came straight from Erykah, it seemed more plausible to me. But neither name has been “officially” confirmed yet, as far as I know…

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