Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for Harper

A reader named Amie needs a middle name for her first baby:

We have chosen Harper for our little girl’s first name. We like unique, not used very often names. We tend to lean toward the Irish/English type names. We kind of like Gray, Finnean, Reese…

Here are some names that seem (to me) to match the style of those Amie mentioned:


I’d also like to suggest a few feminine names…just in case. (Even though Harper is trendy for girls at the moment, it’s still a gender-neutral name, so a gender-specific middle could end up being helpful in the future.)


Just tryin’ to mix things up a bit. :)

Do you think any of the above fit particularly well with Harper? What other middles would you suggest?

Update: To find out which middle name Amie chose, click here.

33 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for Harper

  1. Cassidy, by the way, is the title of a lovely Grateful Dead song that just aches to have a baby named for it. Which I did…

    Harper June is really nice; if I went for a gender neutral name like Harper I’d probably try for something at least a bit feminine.

  2. Harper needs something softer in the middle…
    Elise, Fiona, Cherise, Siobhan, Eavan, Sage, Pauline, Kathleen, Shanae, Jayne, Caprice

  3. I agree with all the ladies here, I too would go with a super feminine name for a middle with something strong like Harper. The term “harpy” and the related mythology also comes to mind…

    Angeline, Rose, Marie, etc

    Course, she could go the literary route…Harper Lee ;)

  4. We are naming our little girl Harper, due in April. We decided to use a derivitive of my middle name Anthony and came up with Harper Antonia. Feminizing the father’s middle name adds something to it. I’m hoping Harper isn’t skyrocketing up the popularity charts as we wanted something less common.

  5. @Jason: Harper isn’t a common name right now, but it is rising pretty quickly on the charts.

    It entered the top 1,000 for the very first time (for girls) in 2004, and was already in 441st place by 2007. The raw numbers aren’t too scary (441st place = just 717 baby girls, nationally) but that’s still a significant statistical leap.

    (BTW, I really like the combination Harper Antonia. Strikes a great balance, I think.)

  6. We really like the name Harper, too… my husband first suggested it, and as an English teacher, it was instantly appealing to me. The more I read, though, the more I see that so many people are choosing this name. ???

    Oh well, I’ve never had a student named Harper and no one we know has named their little girl Harper. Yet.

    Harper Elise is my choice. I never think of “harpy” or any other negative connotation with this name. It’s an out of vogue word; I picture my grandfather saying, “Quit harping!”

  7. We’re also looking for a middle name for our Harper, due in April. Her older brother is called Finn. And our last name is H****… so her initials thus far are HH. Something feminine would be lovely, but we’re struggling to find just the right name. We would welcome any further ideas, as even though Amie has settled on a name, we’re still searching :)

    [Edited at Gale’s request]

  8. @Gale – I would stick with a middle that starts with a consonant. Here are a few ideas: Bethany, Cordelia, Gabriella, Gwendolyn, Julia, Kaitlin, Letitia, Lillian, Sabrina, Susanna, Tatiana, Victoria.

  9. Our son and daughter-in-law named our granddaughter Harper Rose. We absolutely love it and she is strong and feminine like her name. They wanted to name her a unique name that wasn’t popular. She’s less than a year old and now the name Harper is on the rise. They knew a good one when they picked it and I’m glad they did!

  10. I just named my baby girl, born april 21st, 2010 – Harper Lively Patton. Lively is my maiden name.

    I almost named her Harper Victoria…..LOVE my harper!

  11. I had never heard of the name “Harper” until last year, when I was reading a book and ‘Harper’ was the main character. I fell in love with the name and therefore named my daughter, born September ’09 Harper Sydney. (Sydney after someone special.)

  12. I’m due November 6th and I’m having a girl:) I’ve decided on the name Harper! My son’s name is Hunter Alxander and I’m Heather Anne, so I’m keeping the same trend with all of our initials and thinking of Alexis as the middle name. I’m welcoming any other suggestions for an “A” middle name?????

  13. I love the name Harper! I am due in May and we have been really thinking about this name. It is the only one I have really liked. If we chose this name, her name will be Harper Delaney Christopher. I do agree the name is getting much more common. But not too common.

  14. I posted just over one year ago regarding Harper’s middle name. We went with Harper Rose. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

    [Edited at Gale’s request]

  15. We named our daughter Harper Rose as well, born june 2009. Everyone loves the combination. We’ve got a second on the way, another girl and are looking for a strong gender neutral name to go with Harper.

  16. We are thinking of Harper Louise West ( Louise was my Grandmother’s name) Just wondering if it is too trendy, harsh or what the thoughts are. Our son’s name is Calvin Arlo Robert. We tend to go with a double middle name to pay tribute to parents / grandparents.

  17. @Nicole – I definitely wouldn’t call it “harsh.” :) But there’s no getting around the fact that Harper’s an extremely trendy name for baby girls right now. Whether or not it’s too trendy, though, is more a matter of personal taste. It just depends on what your definition of “too trendy” happens to be.

  18. Well folks seems that the name Harper is becoming quit popular for girl babies, My wife and I named our first-born Harper Riley( I wanted Lee, because we named her after Miss Lee from “To kill a mockingbird) only thing is our “Harpie” is 14 yrs. old so we named her that before it was trendy or cool!

  19. I’m an English teacher and always loved teaching To Kill A Mockingbird. So I always planned to name a daughter Harper, after it’s author. My Harper Grace was born in February 2010 — when I knew no other baby with that name. To my dismay, the name was featured in Us magazine that summer, when Tiffani Amber Thiessen chose it for her daughter. Shortly after, Neil Patrick Harris named his daughter Harper Grace — also highly publicized. And now that the Beckhams have used it to, I shudder to think of how popular it is becoming. I detest trendy names, yet my precious “Harper” is becoming one. I beg you, please don’t choose this name!! How about Tinley, Kaitlyn, Isabella/Bella/Ella/Belle, or maybe even Sophia? :-)

  20. I’m due Summer of 2012. Harper is our girl choice, and London will be our boy choice. Both are gender-neutral and will be followed by a strong, gender specific middle name. I don’t care about trends – there is an ebb and flow to all baby names. What was trendy then, will become trendy again later. If you fall in love with a name, don’t over analyze it. You are just torturing yourself!!! Good luck to all!!! :)

  21. We named our daughter Harper Jane (born December 2010). Now we’re expecting baby number 2 and we’re lost on names!

  22. My daughter is having her little girl on 7/9/2012 she is to be induced. She is naming her baby girl Harper Elizabeth. I just love it. I didnt know that name was getting so popular. I dont know anyone with that name at all. But I wanted her middle name to be Lea because that is mine and the mothers but the daddy picked Elizabeth. It has really fgrown on me. Harper is a wonderful name for a girl.

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